satRday Cape Town – review

This last Saturday (2017-02-18) I was fortunate enough to be able to attend the second ever satRday event. In addition to attending I was also able to give a short lightning talk on the integration between R and Power BI.

The organisation on the day was very impressive and much credit needs to be given to the organisers {Andrew Collier, Ryan Nel, Jon Calder} for all their hard work. Given it was their first event it is hard to see how they could have done a better job.The presentations given bu a fantastic mix of speakers was also nice to see with many interesting topics and I  look forward to seeing the video to take better notes.

Praise also needs to be given to keynote speakers, Steph Locke, Julia Silge and Jenny Byran who did a fantastic job themselves, presenting a two-day workshop as well as the keynotes on the main day. It was interesting to hear how each of these ladies found their way into the R world.

I look forward to the next event.

Note: Speaking to Andrew Collier, he has confirmed that the slides will be made available soon, until them my slide can be found below.


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