T-SQL Tuesday #134 – Give Me A Break

This month’s T-SQL Tuesday is being hosted by James McGillivray (blog|twitter). The topic is “Give Me A Break“.

I’ve never been very good at getting away and find my self in front of the PC even when I’m not working but there are a few breaks that I usually take.

The annual holiday that did not happen

Usually my family would go down to the coast for the x-mas holidays. South Africa, being in the southern hemisphere has x-mas during our very hot summers making the coast the kind of place that you want to be. Unfortunately going to the coast this year was really not an option with a high number of Covid-19 cases being experienced in the Eastern Cape which is where we usually go. This meant that

The Office rebuild

For years I have had a small uncomfortable table to work at from home. Although eliciting a lot of complaining on my part it was never a huge problem as most of my work happened in the offices of my clients. 2020 and Covid-19 changed that, in addition to working from home full time I had also committed to writing a book. This meant that I spent far too much time behind a small desk with an uncomfortable chair. I’ve always liked the idea of working at a standing desk and I decided to build a solid wooden bench at standing height across the length of the room. This gives me a great 4 meter open surface to work on. I also took the opportunity to rope in the help of my best mate who I hardly get to see now days.

First layer of oil goes on
Getting there

This turned into a really nice distraction, so while I may have not actually gotten away from from the office, and actually spent blood, sweat, and tears at my desk than I would usually it was actually a great experience and while not technically a break I felt refreshed and now love being at my desk (Although my legs are still getting used to standing for the majority of the day)

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