The Year Ahead

An age-old adage used within the Business Intelligence field is that you can manage (or improve) that which you can’t measure. With this in mind, I have decided to join the many people who set goals for themselves in the year ahead. I refer specifically to goals as I feel resolutions do not work as well.

I want to begin with 4 goals, this seems like a number large enough to stretch my self but not so large that it pushes me too far. Burn out is something that happens to many of us in the IT field and something to be avoided. The goals that I am setting myself are the following.

Write 25 Blog posts

Blogging is one of those things that I always plan to do yet never seem to get done, this is evident from the 14 posts that I have written in the three years that I have had this blog. My goal is to write 1 new blog post every fortnight.

Read 25 Books

As a teen, I loved reading, but have found myself reading fewer books as time went by. This year I would like to read 25 books, like the blog posts this would require 1 every fortnight.

Run 1 000 KM

I set my self this target last year as well but failed to get there although I am not unhappy about this is I contracted Hepatitis A midway through the year which put a stop to any running for many months.

Hire 2 Employees

On a professional front, work has been going rather well, I have a strong client base and leads on many new and exciting projects. I plan to start with an intermediate developer which will allow me to focus on the tasks where I can add greater value while still ensuring that the works that need to be done gets done.

To track my progress, I will also create a Power BI dashboard which I will embed into this page to share my progress.