Importing data from web pages using Power BI

Sometimes the data we need for our data models can only found on web pages. The challenge with web pages is that they are often poorly structured and contain a mix¬†of content types such as tables, lists and images, this makes importing data challenging so is often omitted in most ETL tools. Fortunately¬†importing data from websites is made pretty easy in Power BI. In this post, we will import a list of countries along with its populationRead More »

Importing data into Power BI desktop using R

Power Bi is a great tool for data discovery with new functionality being made available all the time. However, this functionality is still limited when compared to a mature platform like R and you may come across scenarios where R is a better choice. It is for just such cases that Power BI now supports R script as a data source. Three scenarios come to mind where this might want to do this:

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